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APMA 2019 Powder Metallurgy Conference in Indiaについて

APMA2019 ご案内
PMAI is hosting APMA 2019,
the 5th International Conference on Powder Metallurgy in Asia between Feb 18 - 21, 2019 in Pune, India (
The members of APMA (Asian Powder Metallurgy Association) are PM associations from China, India, Japan, Korea,
Taiwan and Thailand (other Asian country memberships coming up).
APMA 2019 will be the biggest conference in India so far on powder metallurgy & particulate materials with over
500 delegates expected from all over the world.
The accompanying exhibition will feature Powder Metallurgy (press & sinter, MIM, CIM & 3D Printed) part makers & suppliers of
goods & services to the PM industry, several of them for the first time in India.
A specifically vigorous campaign for soliciting the attendance of OEM buyers is being undertaken.
This is an excellent opportunity for Companies to showcase their capabilities to several international buyers & influencers attending the event.
We are very grateful for your support!
Best Regards,

N. Gopinath
Sponsorship INR. 150,000/- (USD 2,300/-, Euro 1,890/-)
Benefits: 2 free delegates, 1 full page advertisement in the conference guide, 50% discount on one exhibition stall, company name and logo on backdrops & banners, free inclusion in the PMAI website supplier directory. Recognition during the inaugural ceremony.
Display & distribution of leaflets
(max. A4 size) - will be placed in an exhibition stand
INR.25,000/- Net (USD 385/-, Euro 316/-).
Not more than 300 copies should be delivered to the
PMAI office before 15 Jan, 2019.
Exhibition Stall INR.150,000/- Net (USD 2,300/-, Euro 1,890/-)
Pre-fabricated (shell scheme) stalls (3mW x 2mD x 2.2mH) are available to PM part manufacturers and suppliers of materials, services and equipment to the PM industry.
Each stall is equipped with one name fascia, carpeting, 3 spot lights, 1 power outlet 220 V AC single phase
6 Amps, 1 table, 2 chairs & 1 dustbin.  
Exhibitors will be listed in the conference guide and are entitled to one complementary delegate registration plus food coupons for one more person per stall.
Allotment of stalls & location will be at the discretion of the organisers. This is a small exhibition and all exhibitors are guaranteed sufficient visibility.

Back cover           : INR. 75,000/- Net (USD 1,153/-, Euro 947/-)
Front inner cover   : INR. 50,000/- Net (USD 770/-, Euro 632/-) 
Back inner cover   : INR. 50,000/- Net (USD 770/-, Euro 632/-)
Full page              : INR. 25,000/- Net (USD 385/-, Euro 316/-)
Rupee payments are acceptable only from firms / companies incorporated in India.
PMAI is open for discussion on other sponsorship opportunities like, Delegate kit bag, Notepad, Pen,
Lanyard, Gala dinners and other innovative ideas.